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"Branching Out" is what I call a studio sculpture, an experiment from about 10 years ago which has served as a gateway piece in my search for a way forward.  I was holding on to this piece for a future exhibition but realistically I need to let it go and make space for new works. It's an experiment with a curious juxtaposition of three elements, exploring new spaces and places for equestrian composition. It is in two pieces requiring home assembly, the horse delicately slotting on to three steel pins. The sculpture is an honestly experimental piece and the fixings are not as sophisticated as my latest stainless steel ones. As with most of my equestrian sculpture the compositions are very much a reflection upon life expressing aspects and celebrating the human predicament. The sculpture is mounted on a stone base and stands at a height of 69cm, length 43cm and depth 23cm. This artwork will require a little bit of self assembly as it will be shipped in two sections. The price includes shipping to the UK, for shipping outside of the UK please get in touch for a quote.

Branching Out

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