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Drawing has become an important part of Bridge's creative process, following a few years in the linear wilderness. It was about five years ago when he decided to pick up his pencil in earnest so that he could realise some of the ideas burning within. And though it's been a great personal challenge, it's allowed him to develop a level of creativity beyond his expectation,  setting him free to explore more imaginative possibilities.

As an artist he's grown in stature through drawing, becoming profoundly aware of the constant challenges which artists face on a daily basis.  His search for understanding, through art has shown, how, as an artist you can’t take anything for granted in life’s disparate journey, how each day is different to the last and how much we change, even from hour to hour.   Exposing actuality as a moveable feast of possibility, in a life which is neither linear or fixed  in any way to a constant. 


Through the spontaneity of drawing Bridge became profoundly aware of the moment, allowing his art to break free of the more rigid approach, influenced by thirty years of making sculpture. He also began to understand that art was not a parade of vanities, and that judging art can be a distraction from receiving the message it carried.  Because art can be good, bad, profound, shallow, ugly and beautiful at the same time, depending on the specificity of subjective interpretation.  This realisation delivered a bombshell to Bridge's creative equilibrium, forcing him to redefine art from his own empirical perspective.  Art, he believes, can be about the freedom of exploration, challenging the deeply engrained principles and traditions of society.

So now when he takes a pencil for a stroll across a piece of paper he knows it's free to roam

where ever he chooses.


Eoghan had felt the tightness in his arm, and restricted thought processes as he tried to express himself freely through drawing.  So, he addressed this issue by drawing every day until he felt the freedom to express himself without reservation.  It was the discipline of drawing which awoke him to the self-deception required in order to conform to societal expectations. Ultimately making it possible for him to break free with his art.  The drawings, many of which have been re-created as unique limited edition prints, symbolise his quest for making art as an expression. Allowing him to ignore the prescriptive expectations from outside influences, which tend to require art as a commodity, as opposed to genuine expression. 


Whilst he admits to experiencing a greater level of freedom, he's also aware that there's a long way to go, for his life is just a work in progress. A perpetual cycle in which the limitation of self is confronted and challenged through art, breaking down pre-conceived assumptions, and eroding the rigidity of so the called logical and rational mind. His art is a random act of expression from a compelling impulse to communicate through his own visual language. A life defined by the constant change in which there is no singular goal or level of achievement which can satisfy or satiate the need to just keep on keeping on.


Bridge’s art very much reflects this journey of curiosity, a life in search of answers for age-old questions – a life in which there is no absolute solution, reason, or cause, because existence defies the logic of the rational mind. The art of a philosophical dilemma to which there is no definitive solution or answer.