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   JANUARY 2020

Hooray and Happy New Year, it's the 2020's, the start of a new decade and the start of a new aesthetic for me. New colours, new techniques and a new approach to make my art pop that little bit extra, finally delivering the product I always felt was there waiting to be uncovered. So with new cards, prints, canvas prints, drawings, paintings and mixed media scuptures in the pipeline, it's gonna take a huge amount of work and thought, but it's finally gonna happen. I've even got to update my website which is quite a task in itself.

            These little beauties below are colour experiments and just a small but vital part of the process.

A New Product for 2020

I'm pretty excited to be launching a new product on my website in the form of a "cotton canvas" Giclee print (51cm x 71cm) which I print in house. Presence is from my "Dare 2 B Different" range and is mounted on a 43mm deep stretcher, ready to just hang on a wall without a frame. It's one of my favourite 2D pieces and I think it looks great, just pops from the canvas, maybe even a little bit other Worldly.

My "Dare 2 B Different" images are as close to the truth of my creativity as it gets, the result of an open search for new and interesting imagery. They just go that one step beyond. :)


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