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                                           THE BRIDGE PRINTS

Eoghan's been drawing and developing prints for many years – few of which have been exhibited.  So here, for the first time he’s able to show the diversity and range of his oeuvre.  Prints created from drawings he has reworked in different ways, from a catalogue of drawings dating back to his college days, over thirty years ago. Drawings freely exploring his imagery, like an anti-art, anti-consumer gesture – his art in a search for freedom. 


With the development of Giclee printing, he's developed a process of reworking his drawings into unique digital images.  Each Giclee print has its own authenticity and originality, because there isn’t an original hard copy.  ​From the imagery, it's evident that Eoghan simplifies the complexity of expression with a touch of mystery.  Expressing what it is to be human in a timeless, yet ever changing world, compressing his depth of feeling into concise imagery – a communication from a personal adventure.  This unique approach to image-making creates prints which stand alone in confronting traditional print-making techniques.  Each prints the result of taking a drawing on an intuitive adventure, with an infusion of random techniques. 


Bringing his prints to an audience has been a painstaking and thorough process.  It has taken many years working on more than 8000 images to finally proof over 400 prints and satisfactorily rework and develop each one individually.  The purchase of a new Giclee printer was the final piece in the jigsaw, offering him a range of inspiring colours, tones and hues to work with. Making it possible for him to put the finishing touches to years of creative endeavour, and create vibrant works of art.  All of this has made it possible to share his art and the creative intimacy which has been at the heart of his artistry. 


The limited editions are printed by Eoghan, using a professional Epson printer which offers 99% colour accuracy.  Each print is signed, numbered, and despatched by the artist in a tube.  Art in Tube.

A Giclee prints is a term used to describe a sophisticated bubble-jet printer with high resolution images, 300 dpi (dots per inch), or more.

Prints are on heavy weight archival coated paper, guaranteeing a light fast finish, and certified by the Fine Arts Guild.

Finally, the ink, which is composed of a minimum of eight colours is pigment based, as opposed to cheaper dye based inks, offering true artist’s colour and longevity.