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                        THE "BRIDGE~STYLE"


Eoghan's a second generation sculptor and has lived his whole life immersed in a sculptural environment. So it's no surprise that sculpture became his chosen language as he found a way to express himself through metaphorical compositions of horse and riders. His ability to handle clay and understanding of the moulding process, allowed Bridge to explore equestrian composition from an innovative perspective. After studying the history of equestrian sculpture, he was able to take a long established tradition and literally turn it on its head, through his unique horse and riders.



His sculpture has an ambiguous narrative as a result of being conceived through an intuitive and sensory process – a process which is not bound by logic or rational perception, but, is instead, connected to a deeper level of consciousness, where he's able to feel that something is as it should be, just because it is. Arriving at this approach is the result of a meticulous study of composition which can be seen in the thousands of ideas he's penciled out in his sketch books.

Bridge’s work has a timeless quality, and his oeuvre is a testament to the celebration of the individuality he feels is integral to the human condition.  He feels able to ignore the contemporary art world, and explore what is relevant to his actuality.  Feeling that the lateral nature of art transcends the confines of systems and institutions, as he explores what it is to be just another ordinary person confronted by the extraordinary actuality of existence. A life abundant with profound  questions and yet so few answers.

To understand Eoghan’s art, it’s important to know that he has been deeply affected by family tragedy.  His sister, Wendy, was brutally murdered in 1992, and his sister, Amanda tragically, and suddenly died in 2002.  Two years later, his mother, Maisie died unexpectedly from a broken heart.  Events which had a profound effect upon Eoghan, and his approach to life and art.  Tempering his early ambition and awakening something deep within him, as he became aware of the fragility of life, and realised the profound importance of truth and integrity as he searched for meaning and purpose.




Through his art he now felt compelled to look for meaningful values in an  attempts to satiate a deeply felt purpose, to explore the sacred gift of life, something which had been taken away from so many around him. Quite simply, the grief and loss made him realise that life is finite and that you have to forge your own path through the resistive boundaries of convention.  Now with three children of his own who are rapidly growing up he hopes to at least to set a fitting example for them through his approach to life and art.

A life in art has made Eoghan quite a complex character locked into his own existential crises, suffering with the inner turmoil of a man exploring freedom in a restrictive society. It's taken many years for him to find his voice, and recently, through a growing sense of confidence, his work is flourishing in a more divergent way.  Finding the courage to explore his freedom, as his work expands into a search for a deeper understanding of the simple nature of existence.  A change demonstrated beautifully in his majestic equestrian sculptures, which defy logic and reason as they fly away with the imagination.  Sculptures showcasing the varying combinations of heart, mind and soul, sculpted with passion, belief and commitment.  His art, intimate like an act of love and devotion, without boundaries, the candid expression of an authetinc artist.













Bridge feels art should be democratic, a free presentation of human truth without compromise and should be available to all.  He endeavours to keep his art real, referencing his work to the timeless quality of being.  Believing that a piece of art stands alone without words, a sensory experience to be absorbed and reacted to.  As an observer, a viewer of art, all you have to do is trust the artist, and find the courage to believe in yourself and your true reaction, because there isn’t a single narrative.  There’s no specific meaning beyond those who look at it, and what they feel about it.  Bridge’s work is his gesture of honesty and trust, exposing what he feels is his inner truth, in a sacred contract of trust.





Bridge believes he's slowly finding a way to practice art with his own rules and beliefs, delivering an accessible message. Just a human being doing no more than producing work as an equal for equals, making art which feels right in the moment, then moving on with an evolving oeuvre – never sure of what lays ahead in life’s great adventure.  He doesn’t take life for granted beyond its uncertainty, and dedicating his life to art has taught him there are no absolutes.  No destination beyond the commitment to a journey in which life is happening in the here and now, because this is it, this multi-splenderous experience.