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"Ba~Na~Na" is a humorous contemporary ceramic sculpture of a banana designed to hang on the wall, maybe as an ironic talking point. The sculpture  is  roughly 17cm in height, 23cm wide and has a depth of 4cm. It's a banana I took a mould from before eating (and enjoying) about 10 years ago, I made a few casts and played with them as I do with all the other bits and pieces in my studio. The penny finally dropped when I realised it would make a rather attractive wall hanging, (perhaps inspired by the famous Banana  & Gaffer tape sculpture from that art fair) and here it is, on the open art market.  This piece is symbolic of values in the art world, exploring the question of what defines art  and monetary values within this fabricated context. The price includes shipping to the UK, for shipping outside of the UK please get in touch for a quote.


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