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8000 Images that's all I got

I decided to count all the images I've been working on over the past five years and it came to about 8000. Explaining why my mind is often fit to burst as I wrestle to remember them. The sheer number of these images led to a greater level of intensity over the past year and has been particularly absorbing. A challenge which has made me more withdrawn in many aspects of my life, because I needed the time and energy to achieve some level of order with my creativity and to withdraw from outside influences on my work. I needed thousands of hours to study and make art so that I could grow and develop from my creativity, which in turn meant I had something of value to offer.

With my drawing I'm working towards multiple goals and my hope is to make progress so that I may find the time and space to relax a little and reflect upon the work. But for now I must continue with my commitment simply because my image making has become so informative, it's almost like holding up a mirror that tells me who and what I am. In fact I've never felt as comfortable with myself as I do now, because in some way I feel like I understand myself. It's like I'm living out what I feel is my truth, in a life which is leaving compromise behind.

Setting up this website has been a very important step for me because it gives me a platform to establish the principled way of being which is behind my creativity. Giving me the opportunity to make what I believe in and to share it as well. I don't believe it will be easy and already I feel some levels of inner conflict as I look to impose my values on a different approach to a more inclusive art. So I must have faith that there is a space and place in my society that will be able to support what I do.

With my creativity I'm trying to communicate from within and that is the value of my art, a sincere gesture in my search for some level of truth. I'm not looking to feed the art market, furnish art collections or impress critics, because I believe human creativity has something more profound to offer to everyone. And so I search for a valid way of making art that is not about impressing or searching for admiration, and this is challeging as it requires strength of character and resolve to maintain self-belief through periods of hardship and drought. Fortunately I have enough faith to keep on for now, believing in what I feel deep within as I've searched my soul over the years in order to make art.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day :) you could always leave a comment and start a conversation :)

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