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The Art of Expression

It's not easy being an artist, living a life unfulfilled by a stark reality in which there is never a single answer or destination. However there is a deep sense of personal evolution through the progression of conceptual and spiritual understanding of human expression.

My own struggle has involved a search for the seamless realisation of what I feel within through to the physical presence of my sculpture.

Firstly I had to try and understand what I feel about existence in the chaos and confusion of life in society, to try to understand myself and what being is about. Then I had to fight my way through the societal conditioning which imposes so much upon us all, such as defining art through the narrow confines of tradition. The curse of traditions which hold us in straight jackets through collective assumptions, imprisoning our souls in a rational world where logic is defied by the very act of existence.

As an artist I struggle and writhe to be free from these shackles and so that I may touch freedom and share it through my art. To live my life outside of the absolute governance of society so that I may touch what it is to feel free and real to my own perception, beyond language and imposed expectations. And this is what I try to share through my art, nothing more than an expression of truth through my own private rebellion. This beautiful gift of life we share, is on its own so rich that I feel it has to be celebrated through my expressions with all the boundless possibilities of uninterrupted thought.

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