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The Art of Existential Crises

I've spent my life as an artist searching for a sense of freedom, using personal confrontation and deconstruction to rid myself of the values imposed upon me (through the insideous grooming of society). An approach to life which has led to many personal crises, because there's no support for an artist caught up in an act of personal rebellion. But I had to find a sense of freedom in order to define my relevance as an artist, from a life with a sense of meaning and purpose. And it's my hope that because of this approach, the art I offer has a validation and truth beyond vanity, ego and show, art with a value. A true reflection of what I see and feel, a reflection and interpretation of the crazy nature of existence.

In the act of expression an artist is confronted by infinite possibility, an infinity from which they are invited to make selections in order to form an expression. (An existence where there are no singal options, outcomes or destinations awaiting.) Once ideas are realised through these chosen marks they can be shared for others to reflect upon. This process is simple yet also very complex and invariably leads to a litany of existential crises, through the candid questioning of what we take as absolute. And it does this to me through the questioning of self in what are confrontations of actuality as I look for a meaning and purpose through the actions of my own experience.

This artists life is further complicated by the compromise of freedoms as we are all conditioned through society, shaped into the compliance of accepting the specific cultural traditions of our societies. Born free (briefly) into a world before being forced to submit to the ownership of societies dependent on our compliance. Societies which hold us in bondage to a set of values, forcing us to sacrifice the truths and freedoms of actuality. A compromise that is incumbent upon artists to rebel against, so that they can attempt to communicate a more fundamental human truth. To tear up the rule books and re-invent frpm the actuality of personal endeavour and singular perception.

This state of compromise we humans share is sold as a package for the greater good of humanity. But in reality it's a pretty corrupt and divisive system which wreaks global havoc, damaging and polluting the world through greed and avarice, trivialising the great gift of life. I believe this compromise effects humanity by restricting human possibility in our lives of broken dreams. Lives where human realisation and actualisation is substituted by a cynically constructed hierarchy in a commodities based environment. Lives where there is no true equality as we are fobbed off with the platitudes of convenience within a deeply manipulative system. All for the greater good of the few who seek to manipulate humanity through the simplification of our hopes and dreams. A human movement that doesn't appear to have a vision or clear goals for the evolution of humanity.

In the face of this existence I see through the eyes of an anarchist as I search for my own human freedom. So that I may express myself from the freedom of my own soul, with an understanding of who and what I am. Slowly forming my own principled life in which my expressions reflect my intuitive impulse. Art which reflects the irrational and illogical nature of complex organic existence, art beyond the controlling dogmas of convenient explanations. Art which reflects the truth of how I feel about the actuality of existence, wandering on the surface of a planet. Just enjoying the privilege of being alive without truly understanding it in a rational context. With this approach I've been able to experience a growing sense of equality which empowers me to express myself without reservation. Making what feels relevant to me in the moment without a need to explain my actions.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day :)

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