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It's Been a While

Hello there I'm back again, having abandoned my life as an artist, neglecting my website and turning my hand to a bit of labouring to make ends meet. I'd just felt a bit embattled by my life as an artist and needed time out to redirect the intent of my creative expressions. But I'm back to making art and hope to have some new pieces to show here before too long. It's my intention to move forward by selling sculptures and one off mixed media prints through my website, so watch this space.

The compromise is sometimes so great in the production of art that I feel the need to touch base. Which is why I'm returning to my grass roots as an artist, with the intent of producing work more freely, art to be showcased here. I feel a need to make singular pieces, to explore my ideas in a way that allows me to move with some forward momentum and develop further as an artist.

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